In an effort to become more self-sustaining we grow a lot of our own vegetables and cook in a solar oven that we built. We also raise a small flock of chickens and a few rabbits. We have fruit trees and make jams and jellies and also make homemade wine which we give as gifts to friends and relatives. Another thing we do, which anyone could do is buy organic wheat and corn (no gmo's) and grind it into flour, meal and even yellow corn grits.

Another mural the wife and I painted in dining room

This is the chalet style cottage we built on our acreage.

Our granddaughter is a huge fan of Dr. Who, we built her a TARDIS for her 14th birthday.

Solar Oven.

You can see the wind generator in the back yard.

cake made in solar oven.

Since she loves to read we made her TARDIS a bookcase.

The mural we painted is of a real place on the Isle of Wight England.

music room where I write and record my music

After Hurricane Charley knocked out our electric grid, we built a wind generator.

Things we grow